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Substitute Information for Teachers

Starting November 1, 2006, you will need to call or email the Corporation's Substitute Calling Operator.

  • Mrs. Gayle Kinser
    • Phone Number: 807-5506
    • Email address: kinserg@wl.k12.in.us

Please provide Mrs. Kinser with the following information to be sure your position is covered on the day or days of absence:

  • Your name
  • Your school
  • Grade or subject
  • Date or dates you will need a substitute
  • Preference of substitute if available
  • Reason for absence

Mrs. Kinser will send you verification that she has received your request for a substitute. She will email the building principal and secretary a daily list of substitutes along with the reason. When you return, you will need to submit/sign the absence sheet as you have done in the past. If it becomes necessary for you to need a substitute during the school day, you are to contact the building secretary to make the arrangement for your substitute. Mrs. Kinser will have an answering machine on which you may leave a message in case she is not home or unavailable. Please remember to speak clearly and slowly so the message will be understood.