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Publications/Fine Arts Service Organizations


Fencing: The purpose of this club is to allow its members to participate in the sport of fencing.
FIRST: The Westside Boiler Invasion FIRST Robotics team is comprised of students from three area high schools, West Lafayette, Harrison, and Jefferson High Schools. The team is run by a team of college students from Purdue University. The college students administer the team and serve as the technical advisors. The team is supported financially by several companies. The main sponsor is Schlumberger and other sponsors include Ethicon, DePuy, Caterpillar, Purdue University School of Mechanical Engineering, Purdue University School of Electrical Engineering, Essex, and GM Powertrain.
French Club: The purpose of this club is to promote interest in French. Members plan activities which show appreciation towards the culture and the language.
German Club: The purpose of this club is to promote interest in German. Members plan activities which show appreciation towards the culture and the language.
Happy Hands Club: This club promotes the choreography of non-offensive hand gestures.
MEDSO: MEDSO is a live action role playing club.  Members re-enact the Middle Ages in festivale, meetings, and more.  MEDSO provides a historic re-enactment that's fun, too.
National Honor Society: Students are chosen each spring from the junior and senior classes. Characteristics of the members are outstanding citizenship, scholarship, leadership, and service to the school and/or community. To be considered, a student must have a 3.25 grade point average or higher. See this document for further information. All selection documents and a time line are available in the National Honor Society section on the documents page. National Honor Society students at WLHS provide tutoring services, support and organize a military honor wall within the school, and participate in other service opportunites as they become available.
Pep club:  The pep club promotes school spirit and provides organized support for all athletic teams.  Any student at West Side is eligible to join.  Dues are paid annually.  Activities include pre-game suppers, a picnic, Homecoming, cheering at games, and Madame Rat.  A call-out is held in the fall for all interested students.
REACH:  REACH is open to all students who wish to provide peer support and information.  It provides direction and encouragement for younger students in school adjustment, self-esteem, and handling peer pressure.  Recently the main focus of the club was a series of drug education programs for young elementary students.
Salon #49:  This club meets many times throughout the year to read and discuss various types of literature.  It helps to promote involvement in many types of literacy works that are chosen by the students.  Membership is open to all students.
Science Club:  This club invites all students to enjoy science and the natural world.  The club stimulates students' interest in science, helps all members to increase their skills in science, and promotes the objectives of the science department.
Sociedad Honoraria Hispanica: SHH is an organization that recognizes outstanding students in the study of Spanish.  This club is sponsored by the American Association of Teachers of Spanish and Portuguese.  The chief aim of this club is to promote the understanding and study of the Spanish language and cultures.  To be considered, a student must have earned and A average for 3 semesters, and A- average for 5 semesters, or a B+ average for 7 semesters of coursework in Spanish.
Spanish Club: The purpose of this club is to promote interest in Spanish. Members plan activities which show appreciation towards the culture and the language.
Student Council: The Student Council is an organization through which students' ideas and opinions may be presented for faculty and administrative action. Student Council serves as a governing body for development, promotion, and administration of student affairs. Student Council also provides student support and funds towards educational, recreational, social, and charitable activities initiated and sponsored by the school.
Theatre Arts Club: The purpose of this club is to encourage interested students to participate in theatre productions with committees including sets, props, costumes, publicity, and make-up.  Activities include a spring play, various one-act plays, and play-going parties.
VistaVista is a girls' service club that was developed not only to provide extra-curricular social activities, but to provide girls with the opportunity to carry responsibilities and to develop leadership.  Also important is the encouragement of rendering service to the school and community.  Any high school girl is eligible.  Activities include sponsoring dances and the big sister - little sister picnic.  Dues are paid at the beginning of each year.  A call-out is held in the fall.
Visual Arts Club: The purpose of this organization is to promote artistic creativity through independent projects, constructive criticism from peers and sponsors, and to provide access to the facilities necessary for such activities otherwise unavailable to members.  Membership is open to any interested high school student.
West Side Meteorological Association: The purpose of the West Side Meteorological Association is for high school students to have the opportunity to learn about weather in a fun atmosphere. Members of PUMA (Purdue's Meteorological Association) come to the meetings as often as they can. The club officers meet with the sponsor before the meeting to pick an area of weather to focus on. The members then focus on that topic during the meeting and usually have a weather related snack. WesMa is meant to be a fun club with a relaxed atmosphere, meetings are not mandatory and new members are always welcome.
World Affairs Discussion Group:  Members of this group are students who wish to discuss public issues on a local, state, national, or international basis.  Activities include viewing films, listening to quest speakers on controversial public issues, and providing a forum for students who have traveled to relate their experiences.  Membership is open to all students.

The Scarlette: The Scarlette is the high school newspaper, which is produced by the members of The Scarlette class.  It is published on a tri-weekly basis, with approximately twelve issues printed each year.  The paper is circulated to all students.  About 550 copies of each paper are printed.
The Trident:  The Trident is West Lafayette High School's yearbook.  Activities, academics,, the album, clubs, and athletics are the sections represented in the yearbook.  Each spring students are invited to apply for a position on the staff.  Editors are selected from students who will be taking the class for a second year.  The Trident staff are members of a class which meets daily to write and assemble the book.  During the fall term, the theme of the book is determined, general layout prepared, advertising secured, and a sales campaign is conducted.  From December to June the actual pages of the book are completed.  A special gathering is held, usually during the month of August, to distribute the yearbook.
Theater Productions: During the school year a musical, a dramatic play, and a student directed children's play be be performed.  Participation in these productions is open to any student in the school.  Try-outs are always announced for these shows and usually held in the choir room and auditorium.  Student involvement includes actual performance, set construction, publicity, ticket sales, costumes, make-up, and ushering.  Any interested student should contact any member of the Theatre Arts Club for information.
Boys Organization for Student ServicesThe purpose of B.O.S.S. is to provide opportunities for boys of West Lafayette high School to become involved in school and community services, develop leadership skills, and recognize the needs of others.  A certain grade point average is NOT one of the requirements.  The committee looks for boys who have the willingness to accept commitment to service. Activities include athletic program distribution, set-up and clean-up held at various school functions, paper recycling, school sign changing, a holiday toy drive, basketball coke sales, and other projects to be decided by the club.  B.O.S.S. presents the John Freehafer Award to the Most Outstanding Senior Boy.
Environmental Consciousness Organization: ECO looks to assist in improving the state of the environment by providing assistance to environmental groups globally, organizing hands-on activities in the community, and promoting an understanding of environmental issues.
Student Humanitarian Organization: SHO is an organization dedicated to analyzing global issues and broadening student involvement in current events around the world. The group plans to support peaceful means of improving life for citizens in various areas of conflict, poverty, or economic struggle.
Students Against Drunk Driving:  S.A.D.D. is an organization comprised of high school students who encourage others not to drink and drive.  The organization also promotes an awareness of the problem of drinking and driving.
Technical Equipment Crew: The purpose of the T.E.C. is to provide technical service to the school, to learn to use and care for equipment, and to promote responsibility in the use of equipment.  Primary activities are running the scoreboard and clock, announcing, and videotaping of athletic events.  Assistance is also provided in stage production; operating lights, sound, and videotaping.
West Lafayette Youth Council: The West Lafayette Youth Council is an organization dedicated to increasing youth participation in the city government and enriching the lives of the youth in the community. It has a rotating presidency so that every member may have a chance to lead a meeting in order to increase leadership skills. Elections are held at the beginning of each school semester.
West Side Service Organization:  The purpose of WeSSO is to provide helpful services to the school and community. Girls who earn eight "service points" during their sophomore or junior years by participating in various service activities, are inducted into the club for their junior and senior years. Activities vary from year to year based on the needs of the community and school. Some yearly activities include donating pies to Saint Anne's Soup Kitchen and ushering at school functions. Monetary awards are given to outstanding senior girls and boys for their leadership and service in the community. The club also presents the Alice Myers Arthur Award to the Outstanding Senior Girl. The money for the projects is raised through various fundraisers throughout the year.


Academic Superbowl: West Lafayette HS boasts Academic Superbowl teams in English, Social Studies, Math, Science, and Fine Arts. Traditionally, these teams have done very well in regional and state competition. Interested students are given information to study and are taught by coaches. The final team is usually decided prior to competition by a test given by each teams coach.
Cheerleading:  Varsity, Junior Varsity, and Freshmen cheerleaders are chosen each spring for the following year.  Try-outs for the Varsity are for juniors and seniors, while the Junior Varsity squad is composed of sophomores and juniors.  Freshmen try-outs are open only to girls who will be freshmen the next school year.  The eligibility rules for sports also apply for cheerleaders.  Each squad is made up of five girls, one of whom in captain.  Eligibility rules for sports also apply to cheerleaders.
Dance Team: The Dance Team (Lady She-Devils) practices routines and performs at pep sessions and other school events.
Debate:  Debate is a unique interscholastic activity in several ways.  It is a class that meets regularly.  English and graduation credits are earned.  It also involves some after school work and practice sessions.  Students involved are normally sophomores or older, though academically ambitious freshmen are welcome.  All are coached in skills of reasoning, research, and persuasive speaking. 


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