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»West Lafayette Community School Corporation



Our mission is to engage students in a world-class

educational experience that prepares them to be

well-rounded, innovative, creative, productive,

and adaptive citizens who will shape our global society.




1.   Our students are our Number One priority.


2.   An effective teaching faculty is critical to the success of

       our school corporation.


3.   The parenting component is fundamental to educational



4.   Public education is a shared resource and responsibility.


5.   Student engagement in learning leads to higher



6.   Academic excellence is the hallmark of our school



7.   Public education's purpose is to develop productive,

      educated citizens.


8.   Each child deserves an equal opportunity to achieve

       his/her highest potential.


9.   There is inherent worth and dignity in every person.


10.   Students learn in different ways. 

11.   Accountability is critical to the success of our school


12.   Involvement in extracurricular activities enhances the

         educational experience. 

13.   Safety/Security in schools is essential.


We will always use the mission statement and beliefs to guide us in all decision-making.

•  We will always make decisions in the best interest of our



•  Our interactions will always be characterized by dignity and


•  We will always act with fiscal responsibility, considering

   innovative ways to fulfill our mission as efficiently as



•  We will always invest in our educational experience.


•  We will always make communication a priority.


#1   By 2014, all students will experience a world-class education as

        measured by data-driven results.


Strategy #1

Identify world-class educational benchmarks.


Strategy #2

Complete an evaluation regarding the relevance of the present curriculum and assets with respect to the future needs of our students.


Strategy #3

Align curriculum with world-class educational practices and benchmarks and conduct ongoing core assessments to review K-12 progress.


Strategy #4

Ensure that all of our students consistently demonstrate the attributes for becoming contributing, innovative, responsible, and adaptive citizens.


Strategy #5

Determine objectives for student experiences that generate a product, service, or performance demonstrating creativity and innovation, connecting to a real-world application.


Strategy #6

Identify and establish opportunities for international experiences at all grade levels, including study abroad.


#2  By 2012, we will have a viable funding plan which supports the

       the mission of the West Lafayette Community School Corporation.



Develop a plan to resolve short-term funding issues in order to maintain current academic outcomes.




Develop viable long-term funding plans which support a world-class education for all students.



#3  By 2012 we will implement an organized and systematic structure for

       identifying and addressing change, both internal and external.


Developed by the WLCSC Strategic Planning Committee

June 3, 2010